Paediatric Neuropsychology - A Service for NHS Professionals

We can offer:

  • Consultation and supervision to NHS professionals
  • Training and supervision to community-based professionals
  • Clinical trials data collection

Consultation and supervision to NHS professionals

We welcome approaches for support with case management, external consultancy or supervision on issues raised during your work with children and young people with Acquired Brain Injuries or Neurodevelopmental Disorders. We provide regular professional supervision to individual Clinical Psychologists in CAMHS and Paediatric Neuropsychology posts within the NHS.

Training and supervision to community-based professionals

We also provide training, workshops and information sessions for Clinical Psychologists in training and post-qualification, as well as other professions. Such training would typically focus on Acquired Brain Injuries, Neurodevelopmental Disorders or Specific Learning Difficulties and how these can impact on cognitive, emotional, behavioural and social skills, how they can present in different settings, and ways of working with children with these difficulties.

Clinical trials data collection

We are developing a service to provide Paediatric Neuropsychology assessments for clinical trials, thereby allowing research teams to collect neuropsychological and cognitive outcome data. This can be valuable when current NHS services do not have the resources to collect the neuropsychological data recommended by clinical trial protocols. Such data collection would be provided on a cost per case basis, thereby avoiding any financial loss if recruitment to the clinical trial was below that anticipated in the original research proposal.

Data would be collected by Assistant Psychologists supervised and trained by experienced Paediatric Neuropsychologists, based across the UK. This allows data collection at almost any centre in the UK. All data collection would be conducted in liaison with local psychological services.

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