For children and young adults with Acquired Brain Injury, we provide:

  • Assessment and Expert Witness work
  • Intervention and rehabilitation
  • Long-term monitoring


We provide assessment of the cognitive sequelae of acquired brain injury. This can include evaluation of general intellectual ability, verbal skills, visuo-spatial processing, attention, memory and executive functioning skills such as planning, organisation, problem-solving and self-regulation. Effects on social interactions, mood, challenging behaviour and adaptive functioning are also typically included in such an assessment.

Intervention and Rehabilitation

We offer an intervention and rehabilitation service, through which we evaluate a range of different strategies and techniques for the individual youngster, their families and school. Once we have identified the most suitable techniques for the individual we will train and support the child and others in learning how to use these techniques in the home, school, college and/or vocational settings.

Long-Term Monitoring

Due to the risk of childhood acquired brain injury giving rise to deficits that can emerge later in childhood or adulthood, sometimes many years post-injury, we provide long-term monitoring and follow-up throughout an individual’s development.

Acquired brain injury refers to any damage to the brain due to an event such as traumatic brain injury, brain tumour, stroke, cardiovascular events, hypoxia, medication toxicity and central nervous system infections such as meningitis or encephalitis.

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