Community-based professionals

For the majority of individuals that we work with, we liaise with any professionals who may be involved in supporting the child or young adult. We do this for assessment purposes to help us understand the young person and their needs in the context of their community and other services. We do this during rehabilitation and treatment in order to ensure that our interventions are contextually appropriate and have the best chance of being maintained by the child and their family. We are happy to be contacted to discuss ongoing cases, when consent has been given by parents/guardians for us to do so.

Consultation and supervision to community-based professionals:

We welcome approaches by colleagues in statutory community services for external consultancy or supervision on issues raised during their work with the clinical populations described in the parents and families section. Subject to preliminary discussions and goal-setting, we consider requests for short or medium-term consultancy to individuals or groups around case-focused or organisational issues. We also provide regular professional supervision to individual Clinical Psychologists in CAMHS and Paediatric Neuropsychology posts within the NHS.

Training and supervision to community-based professionals:

We also provide training, workshops and information sessions for Clinical Psychologists and other professions. Such training would typically focus on Acquired Brain Injuries, Neurodevelopmental Disorders or Specific Learning Difficulties and how these can impact on cognitive, emotional, behavioural and social skills, how they can present in different settings, and ways of working with children with these difficulties.

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